World-building is a hell of a job, isn’t it? You’re trying to wrangle an entire existence out of your own head, like some kind of drunken god, driven by the energy of creation.

Maybe you like the oldschool ways, with pencils and graph paper. Maybe you’ve jumped on the digital bandwagon, with all the mapping programs and virtual table-top game boards. Doesn’t matter. All that stuff is still coming from you. It has to make sense, it has to be entertaining, it has to be immersive, and it has to keep your audience engaged.

This site is for all the game masters who homebrew their campaigns.

It’s for the players, too, who like to invent those oddball characters that the books just don’t seem to cover.

Though the focus is mostly on Dungeons & Dragons, this site is for all gamers, writers, and artists in general. We are all drunken gods! Even if you don’t play D&D, you may find some useful ideas here.